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Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Baseball

$ 99.99

As an Official Player Development Partner of USA Baseball, PitchTracker Baseball is the most precise and complete pitching analysis tool wrapped up in a regulation-spec, leather baseball.

PitchTracker Baseball, made up of the Smart Baseball and the PitchTracker Baseball App, revolutionizes Baseball with a comprehensive pitch analysis and charting system available right in the palm of your hand. See in-depth information previously available only with expensive hardware systems.

Measure 7 metrics including Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Direction, Extension, and more!

Each Limited Edition USA Baseball PitchTracker includes a blue seam Smart baseball and a charging base.

Become a Premium Pitcher (subscription required) and unlock access to all metrics, videos, bullpens, session history and trends. To learn more about the Premium Pitcher subscription, visit

Complete list of device compatibility:

PitchTracker Baseball is designed for use in pitching and the metrics important to that motion. Using it in an unintended way (i.e., collecting data in a non-pitching manner) may affect the accuracy of those metrics.

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